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Дървесен мулч Flora verte

Wood mulch

Organic garden mulch of softwood, mainly white pine, beech, oak and fir. 10 colors, certified German eco-paints. Harmless to nature. Best for Your garden projects.

Pine bark mulch Burgas

Pine bark mulch

100% natural pine bark for mulching, decoration, protection of soil and plants all year round. Environmentally friendly material.

Рапанов мулч


Conch shell mulch for a natural environment.
This is a mulch of ground Rapana venosa shells. 2-4 mm

Мулч от цветни камъни

Colored stones

Best inorganic mulch in the form of colored stones. They are not painted, but are naturally colored inside. That's how they were obtained! German eco-certificate for soil application.

Mulching with pine cones

Colored pine cones

High quality cones in 10 colors. Size / length of 5 cm. up to 25 cm. A wide selection for gardeners and home decor.


Best food for the soil in the garden are natural fertilizers. Order Flora Verte compost.

Saint Jacques Shells

TOP HIT. Limited quantities!

Mulch – wide application and many advantages

Mulching is actually the application of a protective layer over the soil – a mechanism that occurs by itself in nature, namely the fallen leaves in the fall cover the ground and perform a protective function – protect the roots from frost.
Nowadays, people use this mechanism for other purposes, not only to protect in the winter. Applying mulch on your outdoor spaces is easy, 100% harmless, facilitates the maintenance of the landscape and last but not least it is aesthetically beautiful.

The advantages are:

  • Retains moisture
  • Reduces weeds
  • Maintains soil temperature
  • It is a barrier between the soil and pests
  • Provides protection against erosion and washing
  • Good mulch turns out to be an excellent investment in the long run:
    • Nourishes the soil – after the period of operation it decomposes into compost and is the best that can nourish the soil.
    • Inorganic mulch in the form of natural stones in 20 colors is practically eternal.
    • The colored pine cones of various shapes and sizes become the perfect finish to the decorative function of mulch.

Why choose Flora Verte?

Nira SD. and Archiko Design SD. will provide you with high quality mulch in the required quantity, colors and sizes at competitive prices. We work with gardeners and landscapers, as well as with companies that maintain parks, orchards, playgrounds, business premises and more.


Different types of mulch in a wide range of colors and sizes for the needs of each of your ideas.


We are focused on providing the best customer service with good planning for both large and small projects.


Our organic and inorganic products, as well as the certified raw materials for processing guarantee sustainability for nature and people.

How do we work together?


Take a look at our product range and the characteristics of the mulch we offer.


Choose the type of mulch and consider what colors and quantities you need according to your purpose and needs.


Contact us by phone or contact form to clarify the details of delivery quantities.


Grab the ordered quantities of mulch and roll up your sleeves. It’s time to make it happen!

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