Pine cones

Natural coniferous wood cones of different sizes and colors. They are suitable for mulching garden areas, as well as for decorating the garden and home.

Шишарки розови


Кафяви шишарки


Шишарки оранжеви


Шишарки червени за мулчиране


Шишарки жълти


Мулчиране и декорация зелени шишарки


Шишарки бели




Natural Flora Verte pine cones are colored in eco-paints that are certified, completely safe for living organisms.

Size / length: 5 cm – 25 cm.

Colors: white, yellow, black, pink, blue, brown, green, orange, red and natural.

Packages: in packs of 70 liters. or in a big bag of 1m3.

  • Wholesale price: BGN 15.00/kg/with VAT
  • Retail price: BGN 18.00/kg/with VAT

Application and advantages of natural pine cones Flora Verte

  1. Less watering and less care. Spreading a layer of mulch of pine cones on the garden beds helps the soil retain moisture while allowing rainwater to irrigate. Suppresses weeds, keeps the ground cool.
  2. In winter, the applied cones protect the roots of plants and trees from frost.
  3. Compost. The use of cones as organic mulch is actually more than a good investment, because as they decompose, they release nutrients to improve soil health, thus reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.
  4. Beautiful cover – a complement to the garden style. With the colors we offer, you can achieve the most sophisticated and attractive decoration. Incredibly suitable for natural wood mulch Flora Verte.
  5. Mulching with pine cones is done at a depth of 5 to 7 cm. They can be used as a long-lasting mulch, which will take years to decompose. Cones are also naturally resistant to mold and fungus.

Depending on your needs, we produce and deliver to order all the listed colors, sizes and cuts.

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