Wood mulch

Organic natural wood mulch from coniferous trees, especially white pine, oak, beech and fir. The wood mulch is in 10 colors.

Мулч натурален

Natural mulch

Черен мулч

Black mulch

Син мулч

Blue mulch

Розов мулч

Pink mulch

Червен мулч

Red mulch

Оранжев мулч

Orange mulch

Brown mulch

Жълт мулч

Yellow mulch

Зелен мулч

Green mulch

Бял мулч

White mulch

For the coloring of the wood mulch we use high quality pigments, originating in Germany. All of them are certified as safe for nature.
Of course, if you are a fan of natural, we can offer you natural mulch that is not painted, as well as natural pine bark, which is 100% white pine.
Depending on the size of your project, we can deliver you in a package of 70 liters or in a big bag of 1 m3.

Mulch prices

  1. Natural (unpainted) mixed mulch – BGN 21 / pack. 70 l. 
  2. Colored mulch
    1. BGN 27 / pack. 70л. for colors yellow, black, pink, brown, orange, red mulch. 
    2. BGN 30 / pack. 70 l. for white, green, blue mulch. 
  3. Pine bark price – BGN 20 / pack. 70л. 

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Advantages and benefits of placing natural mulch in gardens, parks, alleys, playgrounds and more

  1. By applying mulch, weeds are not allowed to grow and thrive. The care that is required for the maintenance of the place covered with mulch is minimized.
  2. Watering is not necessary because the mulch retains moisture in the soil during the summer, protecting it from direct sunlight and evaporation of moisture. At the same time, the mulch leaks rainwater to irrigate it.
  3. In winter, mulch protects the roots of plants and trees, around which it is placed, from frost.
  4. Mulch is used to decorate alleys and parks, and it can be placed on it with contrasting colors and colored pine cones of different sizes.
  5. The great advantage of mulching is that after 3-4 years the mulch decomposes and becomes compost, which nourishes the soil.

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Other mulching products

Мулч от борова кора

Pine bark mulch

100% natural pine bark for mulching, decoration, protection of soil and plants.


Conch shell mulch for a natural environment This is a mulch of ground Rapana venosa shells. 2-4 mm

Мулч от цветни камъни


Best inorganic mulch in the form of colored stones. They are not painted, but are naturally colored inside. That's how they were obtained! German eco-certificate for soil application.

Mulching with pine cones


High quality cones in 10 colors. Size / length of 5 cm. up to 25 cm. A wide selection for gardeners and home decor.


Best food for the soil in the garden are natural fertilizers. Order Flora Verte compost.