Colored stones

Our colored stones are suitable for construction and decoration, adding shiny accents for swimming pools and spas, and as a natural inorganic mulch in gardens, alleys, parks. They are not painted, but are colored inside. That's how they were obtained! German eco-certificate for soil application.

The stones we offer are NOT painted, but are colored inside!
They are so obtained! They have a German eco-certificate for soil application.
They do not wash and even if they break, they are colored everywhere. We offer 20 colors of stones, and specific colors of them can be specially ordered in advance for delivery..
Depending on the size of your project, we can deliver it in a package of 10 kg. and 20 kg. or in a big-bag quantity of 1m3.

  • Wholesale price: BGN 2.00/kg/with VAT
  • Retail price: BGN 2.40/kg/with VAT

For more details on prices, order and delivery time: write to us / contact us.

Advantages and benefits of placing inorganic mulch in gardens, parks, alleys and more

  1. By laying mulch stones, weeds are not allowed to grow and thrive.
    Minimizes the care that is taken to maintain the place covered with colored stones.
  2. The need for watering is significantly reduced because the layer of stones retains moisture in the soil during the summer, protecting it from direct sunlight and evaporation of moisture. At the same time, it leaks rainwater to irrigate it.
  3. MULCH STONES are used mainly for decoration of alleys and parks.
  4. Their great advantage is that they are Eternal. They do not need maintenance, wash themselves from rainwater and do not change color over the years!

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