Rapana mulch and scallops Saint Jacques

Conch shell mulch for a natural environment

This is a mulch of ground Rapana venosa shells.

Rapana shells are a by-product of the production of rapan delicacy meat. After removing the meat, the shells are washed to remove residual organic material, dried and and ground or crushed into sizes of NOT LESS THAN 3mm BUT UP TO 5cm of Rapan Mulch. The content of our conch shell mulch is 98.8% calcium (CaCO3), there are significant amounts of magnesium (Mg), potassium (K) and more than 10 useful trace elements. Although slightly soluble in water, it makes an alkaline environment with pH = 9.00. A great advantage is its durability – after laying it on the soil, it serves for years, because as a mineral material it can not be broken down by various microorganisms to humus.


Рапанов мулч


  1. Used for decoration. The ground conch shell mulch naturally lightens when exposed to the sun, giving a beautiful bright finish. In addition, it is an excellent drainage layer to support the outflow of water, and at the same time as a surface mulch serves to retain moisture and limit the growth of weeds and pests.
  2. Nutrition of soils, crops and plants.With its rich, beneficial chemical composition and alkaline environment, it is an ideal substitute for artificial fertilizers. Rapana mulch is also used to enrich the soil, nourish mass plantations, ornamental plants, terrariums and gardens.

In large quantities it is used for: Mass crops, Reclamation of landfills, Landscape activities in road construction, Forest Fund, Landfilling of landfills.

Packaging: 15 kg.

  • Wholesale price BGN 1.20/kg/with VAT
  • Retail price 1.50/kg./with VAT

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Рапанов мулч - изпитване


For decoration and nourishment, a layer of 1-2 cm is poured. A package of 15 kg of rapana mulch is enough to cover an area of 1.0 sq.m.

  • In alleys, parks, plantations.
  • Flowers, decorative plants.
  • Conventional agriculture.
  • Orchards.
  • Plant production.

Rapana mulch is available in 2 variants

Finely ground rapana/ flour

Unground rapana shells

Мулч от рапани

Shells of St. Jacques clams

черупки Сен Жак за сервиране на гурме


The shell of Saint Jacques clams has a wide diameter and weighs approx. 50 g. It can be used in decorative ensembles, as well as in cooking – not only for serving aesthetically pleasing gourmet delicacies, desserts, etc., but also for baking them, as it withstands temperature treatments.
Its durability also guarantees a long life in the decoration of the garden and the thematic ensemble of spaces such as restaurants, residences, hotel parts.

Weight: the shell weighs approx. 50 gr.

Size: average diameter 10-13 cm.

Price: BGN 10 per 1 kg / VAT incl.

**1 kg is about 20 pieces.

For wholesale prices, for order and delivery time contact us.

TOP HIT. Limited quantities!

Take a look at the beautiful shell and let your imagination do the rest. Then contact us to order.


Дървесен мулч Flora verte


Organic mulch of coniferous wood, mostly white pine and fir. 10 colors, certified German eco-paints.

Мулч от цветни камъни

Decorative stones

Colored garden stones as best inorganic mulc. They are not painted, but are naturally colored inside. That's how they were obtained! German eco-certificate for soil application.

Мулчиране с шишарки


High quality cones in 10 colors. Size / length of 5 cm. up to 25 cm. A wide selection for gardeners and home decor.

Мулч от борова кора

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100% natural pine bark for mulching, decoration, protection of soil and plants.


Best food for the soil in the garden are natural fertilizers. Order compost.