The best food for the soil in the garden or lawn are natural fertilizers, or the so-called compost.

In addition to improving the composition of the soil and adding to it the nutrients necessary for plant growth in a ratio close to optimal, organic compost ensures sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Flora Verte compost is the result of anaerobic high-temperature decomposition of biomass.


Advantages of natural fertilizer Flora Verte

Entirely made from natural raw materials (biomass), it takes care of the health and condition of the soil, which increases fertility.

Aerial soil structure

The use of the organic improver Flora Verte leads to an increase in microbiological activity in the soil. Compost is broken down by organisms into humic acid and amino acid. Oxygen is needed during this process and air is drawn out, which makes the soil structure more airy. Thanks to this combination, rich, healthy soil with good biodiversity is created. Therefore, the plant can receive enough nutrients and moisture from the soil, which leads to a healthy crop with high resistance to diseases and pests.

Long-term availability

Another advantage of organic fertilizers is that the nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) are delivered gradually, unlike chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers deliver nutrients only when bacteria break down fertilizer pellets. As a result, longer-term nutrient availability can be seen, leading to a lower risk of leaching and root burns.

Компост - шепа
Compost Sofia Arhiko
Компост Flora Verte - етикет
Компостиране с естествен тор

Fields of application

  • Conventional agriculture
  • Orchards
  • Flowers, decorative plants
  • Vegetable production
  • In nurseries, in landscape activities
  • Recultivation of disturbed terrains and others
  • Wine growing
  • Forestry

Packaging: 30 l./10kg

  • Wholesale price: BGN 12.00/with VAT
  • Retail price: BGN 15.00/with VAT


Sofia and Western Bulgaria


Burgas, Northern Industrial Zone

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