Pine bark

100% natural pine bark for decoration, protection of soil and plants.

Benefits of using pine mulch

Decorative mulch of pine bark Flora Verte is a kind of care for plants and soil all year round.

  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Insulates soil and plants in winter, but also keeps soil cool and moist in summer.
  • Controls weeds by preventing their growth.
  • Prevents erosion when planting on sloping surfaces.
  • Saves water (significantly limits the evaporation of water from the soil and saves watering costs).
  • Prevents the spread of diseases transmitted by the soil.
  • Lasts longer than most organic mulches. The natural dark reddish-brown color of pine bark mulch fades more slowly.


For external surfaces, on dug and leveled soil, in places where weeds have been removed in advance, a layer of 8-10 cm is applied. One package of 70 liters of pine mulch is enough to cover an area of 1.5 square meters.

  • Conventional agriculture
  • Orchards
  • Flowers, decorative plants.
  • Vegetable production.
  • In plantations and landscape activities

Packaging: 70 l.

  • Wholesale price: BGN 24/ with VAT.
  • Retail price: BGN 29/ with VAT.

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Боров мулч - опаковка
Градина с мулч от борова кора


Sofia and Western Bulgaria


Burgas, Northern Industrial Zone


Дървесен мулч Flora verte

Wood mulch

Organic mulch of coniferous wood, mostly white pine and fir. 10 colors, certified German eco-paints.

Мулч от цветни камъни


Colored garden stones as best inorganic mulc. They are not painted, but are naturally colored inside. That's how they were obtained! German eco-certificate for soil application.

Мулчиране с шишарки


High quality cones in 10 colors. Size / length of 5 cm. up to 25 cm. A wide selection for gardeners and home decor.

Рапанов мулч

Rapana Mulch

Conch shell mulch for a natural environment This is a mulch of ground Rapana venosa shells. 2-4 mm


Best food for the soil in the garden are natural fertilizers. Order Flora Verte compost.